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General Transport Equipment has more than 30 years experience in the transport industry and provides customised equipment including semi trailer trucks and maintenance services to mining, general freight, rural, petrochemical, grain and bulk transport businesses.

GTE's range of semi trailer trucks and equipment includes end tippers, side tippers, tankers, dollies and platform trailers. We also carry out service and repairs and can source and supply spare parts from general to electrical.

GTE Capabilities

GTE's service capabilities in semi trailer trucks and transport equipment includes:

  • Delivering licensed and ready-to-use vehicles.
  • Providing assistance with gaining approvals and permits.
  • Highest safety standards - Electronic Brake Stability (EBS) where available, L.E.D lighting, disk brakes.
  • Flexibility - The product range can be adapted to suit rigid applications.
The Process
  1. Initial Scoping: Working with the client to understand specifications and the solution required
  2. Design: A co-operative process to design and plan the solution
  3. Conception:Building the semi trailer truck, chemical or fuel tanker while liaising with the client
  4. Ready to go: Producing ready to go trailer equipment, chemical or fuel tankers with appropriate licences
GTE Design Philosophy

The GTE design philosophy encompasses the use of state of the art components, materials, construction methods, statutory regulations and codes of practice, and customer feedback. All engineering and design for both new and modified equipment is performed by an in house team of transport engineers, using the latest design software, such as AutoCAD and Inventor. Designs are customised to suit the requirements of the client, from payload to products carried.


The GTE team considers many factors when manufacturing and customising semi trailer trucks including:

  1. What will be transported?
  2. Where will the load be transported to and from?
  3. How often will the equipment be used?
  4. What is the required payload?
  5. What are the requirements of the company/ staff?
  6. What is the best discharge method for the situation?
  7. What additional safety standards must be considered e.g. dangerous goods?
Get the Best Equipment for the Task

GTE manufactures semi trailer trucks and equipment designed specifically for your application. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get a quote for equipment best suited to your task. Call us on 08 9352 4000 or fill in the online enquiry form.

About GTE

General Transport Equipment (GTE) is a leading supplier of customised transport equipment and services in Western Australia. With a professional and client focussed approach, GTE provides highly customised trailers, semi trailers, chemical tankers and rigid truck bodies, which are tailored to suit specific load requirements, client requests and road conditions. GTE provides quality equipment and services for every major form of medium to heavy transport in the rural, general freight, chemical tanker and mining industries.


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