GTE provides quality transport solutions to many industries, including end tippers, side tippers, rigid tippers, chemical tankers, converter dollies and platform trailers.


Quality Repairs & Servicing
GTE has a full range of repairs, services and fit outs, with a 24 hour mobile service available.


With a full range of spare parts support,
GTE carries and can source a large range of
spare parts for most makes of semi trailers.

Customised trailer solutions to meet your operational requirements

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About GTE

General Transport Equipment (GTE) is a leading supplier of customised transport equipment and services in Western Australia. With a professional and client focussed approach, GTE provides highly customised trailers, semi trailers, chemical tankers and rigid truck bodies, which are tailored to suit specific load requirements, client requests and road conditions. GTE provides quality equipment and services for every major form of medium to heavy transport in the rural, general freight, chemical tanker and mining industries.


Sales & Manufacturing
159 McDowell St Kewdale WA 6105

Phone: (08) 9352 4000
Fax: (08) 9353 2310

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